WG Legal aspects of Open Science


Coordination: Vanessa Hannesschläger, Sabine Ofner, Peter Seitz
Members:Dietmar Elmecker, Doris Haslinger, Edith Leitner, Joachim Losehand, Walter Scholger, Melanie Stummvoll, Lydia Zellacher
Thematic connections:WG 2014/15: Legal and political frame conditions
WG 2015/16: Open Access and IPR/copyright

This working group focuses on legal aspects of Open Science. Its aim is to be a first point of contact for researchers who are looking for overview information on legal issues and to enhance the knowledge of researchers about the legal conditions of Open Science. The main focus points are Austrian and European Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), licensing, and data privacy. The results achieved are published on the OANA website and updated regularly.


Minutes 1st meeting, 24 Apr 2018 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 2nd meeting, 21 Jun 2018 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 3rd meeting, 31 Jul 2018 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 4th meeting, 4 Sep 2018 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 5th meeting, 3 Oct 2018 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 6th meeting, 22 Nov 2018 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 7th meeting, 10 Jan 2019 (in German, PDF)
Minutes 8th meeting, 21 Feb 2019 (in German, PDF)


Overview information on legal issues
Legal Apects of Open Science: A working group of the Open Science Network Austria OANA [poster at the Open Access Tage 2018, in German]
"Open Licensing for data, code, and text in the context of Austrian copyright laws" [presenatation at the ZAMG Love Data Day 2019, in German]
"Implementation of a Clearing House for data privacy and copyright issues for all Austrian research institutions" [recommendation, authored on behalf of the OANA core team, in German]