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The Universities Austria (UNIKO)-founded
OSA – Open Science Austria initiative serves as the new national contact point for networking activities and information surrounding Open Science at Austrian universities.

The Open Science Network Austria (OANA) and its activities have been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone involved in OANA activities in the years 2012-2021 and everyone who supported the network's work towards Open Science.

Projects and initiatives


Austrian Open Science Support Group (AOSSG)

The Austrian Open Science Support Group (AOSSG) was founded at the University of Vienna in 2016. It reflects upon the current status of research infrastructures in Austria that are in line with the requirements of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and FAIR data principles. AOSSG is a node of experts pooling expertise. It aims to build communities and exchange knowledge and structured information about EOSC implementation.

Contact: Paolo Budroni

Austrian Transition to Open Access (AT2OA2)

The project Austrian Transition to Open Access 2 (AT2OA2), running from 2021-2024, aims at supporting the transformation from Closed Access to Open Access to scholarly publications. The project aspires to increase Austria’s Open Access publication output by restructuring license agreements with publishers and by providing targeted support for researchers’ publication activities.

Term: 2021-2024

digital humanities austria (dha)

digital humanities austria (dha) is an open network of institutional partners in Austria joining efforts to realize a new understanding of humanities research in a digital environment. dha supports innovative digital humanities research. Access to research data and results with the fewest possible restrictions, open standards, and freely available digital tools are a vital part of this agenda. The network promotes cutting edge research projects, makes them more visible and fosters exchange between researchers throughout Austria and abroad. These efforts are an integral part of the Austrian commitment to the European research infrastructure consortia CLARIN-ERIC and DARIAH-EU.


E-Infrastructures Austria plus

e-Infrastructures Austria Plus is a project carried out by nine Austrian universities and running from April 2017 to December 2019. It aims at implementing infrastructure for e-Science. In seven work packages the project works on a variety of topics such as RDM policies, machine-actionable data management plans, building institutional repositories for research data, standards for metadata following the FAIR principles, building know-how and infrastructure for persistent identifiers, and taking first steps to implement electronic lab notebook systems.


Open Education Austria Advanced

Open Education Austria Advanced is a project by Austrian universities for the joint development of a national infrastructure for Open Educational Resources (OER). For the first time, attempts are made to link the services of e-learning centres, IT services, and libraries of universities in order to support the production of OER materials for self-study and teaching. The project aims at gradually improving the quality of teaching and learning as well as the visibility of good practice materials within the professional community.

Term: 01.03.2020-28.02.2024

Open Knowledge (OKFN) Austria

OKFN Austria is the Austrian chapter of Open Knowledge International. OKFN Austria is dedicated to the promotion of access to and dissemination of free and open knowledge in various forms. Free knowledge leads to mature and enlightened citizens, creates social and economic added value, and is indispensable in a democratic state.


Österreich forscht – Citizen Science Network Austria

The Citizen Science Network Austria was founded in 2017 and is coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. This network enables the further expansion of Citizen Science in Austria as well as the promotion of quality and strengthens the dialogue between science and society.


RepManNet – Network for Repository Managers

The network for repository managers Repmannet is an association of repository managers from institutions all over Austria who exchange experiences at regular meetings. In the future, references to reading and events will be published by Repmannet. A communication platform open to all members is planned and will provide the opportunity to share information.


Research Data Alliance Austria (RDA-AT)

The Research Data Alliance Austria (RDA-AT) is a national RDA node dedicated to representing emerging research and data management communities throughout Austria. RDA-AT will operate as a formal participant of RDA Europe, linking Austrian data management initiatives and RDA working and interest groups, providing assistance in adoption of RDA recommendations, and allowing Austrian stakeholders to benefit directly from RDA support mechanisms. These new connections will bring key Austrian issues to the global data management table, and global discussions back to Austria.