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OANA Working Groups

The OANA Working Groups aim to develop recommendations related to Open Access in Austria. Working Groups are coordinated by Core Team members and meet on a regular basis.

Current Working Groups:

1. Open Science Information

2. Open Science Strategy

3. Open Science: Legal Aspects

Former Working Groups:

WGs June 2016 – 2018:

1. Strategic Positioning and Administration of the Transition towards Open Access (coordination: Brigitte Kromp / Falk Reckling / Katharina Rieck)

2. Open Access and Scholarly Communication (coordination: Katja Mayer / Peter Kraker)

3. Open Access and Open Educational Resources (coordination: Martin Ebner)



WGs Jan 2015 – June 2016:

1. Financing Open Access  (coordination: Falk Reckling)

2. National Open Access Strategy (coordination: Peter Seitz)

3. Open Access and Copyright Law  (coordination: Peter Seitz)

4. Open Access and Scholarly Communication  (coordination: Peter Kraker)

The working groups presented their results at the 3rd OANA information event on June 1st, 2016 in Vienna.


WGs Feb 2014 - Jan 2015:

1. Open Access Policy (coordination: Bruno Bauer)   

2. Financing Open Access (coordination: Falk Reckling)

3. Legal and Political Framework (coordination: Peter Seitz)

4. Publication Models (coordination: Guido Blechl)

5. Involvement of Researchers (coordination: Michael Nentwich, Michael Strassnig)

The working groups presented their results at the 2nd OANA information event on January 27th, 2015.


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