This website is no longer being updated. Information on Open Science in Austria is available under

The Universities Austria (UNIKO)-founded
OSA – Open Science Austria initiative serves as the new national contact point for networking activities and information surrounding Open Science at Austrian universities.

The Open Science Network Austria (OANA) and its activities have been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone involved in OANA activities in the years 2012-2021 and everyone who supported the network's work towards Open Science.

Open Science in (digital) legal spaces: Sources, resources, contact points

Researchers who would like to open up their work have to be aware of several areas of legislation that define possibilities and boundaries of openness. Below, you will find an introduction to the legal areas most vital and relevant to open research as well as a collection of resources that can provide answers to practical legal questions and problems (mainly from an Austrian perspective).

This collection only serves as an orientation. If you require authoritative legal advice, please contact your institution’s legal department or a qualified lawyer.